GDPR in research - what does it mean? Conference on 30/31 of August in Delft

09 AUG 2018

RDNL stakeholders DANS and TU Delft are organising two events on GDPR in research on 30 & 31 August. LCRDM - on behalf of RDNL member SURFsara - happily supports these events. 


30 August: GDPR in research - what does it mean for research institutions?

Target audience: those responsible for research support and policies (and others interested in GDPR in research)

Format: Presentations and discussions

31 August: GDPR?... What does it mean for my research and what do I have to do?...

Target audience: researchers working with personal research data and those directly supporting researchers working with personal research data (e.g. data stewards, data managers)

Format: Presentations + hands on exercises

Both events are hosted at TU Delft.

If you are interested in joining: there are still some places left. See for more information on the programme and registration the above mentioned links.

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