LCRDM-network LUSTRUM edition

We have reached an important milestone: this spring LCRDM celebrates its fifth birthday! We would like to invite you to the special online LUSTRUM edition of our network-meeting.

The program includes​​​​​

  • Joep van Wijk Dutch Research Council (NWO) | Domain Science on thematic DCCs
  • Jurgen Mollema and Margriet van Dijk (HU) 
  • Silvia Kempers (Projectmanager DCC praktijkgericht onderzoek) needs your input on questions from researchers
  • Jessica Hrudey (Research Data officer, VU) on domain-specific DMPs
  • CAROUSSEL Taskgroups
  • BO 1. MEASURING THE ADOPTION OF FAIR DATA PRACTICE (Connie Clare, Marta Teperek, Maria Cruz
  • BO 2. RESEARCH SUSTAINABILITY (Saskia van Eeuwijk, Miriam Roelofs, Paula Martinez)
  • BO 3. RDM AND MDR (Elize Vlainic, Iwan de Jong)
  • BO 5. COMPETENCES OF DATASTEWARDS  (Renate Mattiszik, Annemie Mordant, Margreet Bloemers, Margriet Miedema)
  • BO 6. 23 THINGS FOR TRAINING  (Cees Hof , Ellen Leenarts)
  • Erik van den Bergh Coordinator infrastructure (WDCC, WUR) on FAIR data management in Practice
  • Sander Bosch (VU) on The DCC spring training days '21
  • Lou Woodley, Director at Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement (CSCCE), on Community Building and Engagement

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Hope to see you all at our online LCRDM Lustrum. The detailed program will be published here shortly.