Horror: Address recycled

Address recycled

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Tell us your horror story, what happened?

A newly starting researcher at a university not for away received all he needed to start his career, a laptop an e-mail address and the directions to the nearest coffee machine. He started his research and soon this led to a first publication! Excited about this first paper at his new workplace he decided to check if Google Scholar was already aware of his new publication. However, not only had Google already found his publication, it already had several publications listed for his ‘new’ e-mail address… The university had recycled the e-mail address and the previous owner had already published using this address! To fix this a new address was needed, but fixing the incorrect citations on Google Scholar is not easy… Apart from the mixed up publications, the new researcher now could take over all the accounts the previous researcher had created using this address using the ‘Forgot password’ option…

How long ago was it?

Less than a year ago

How was this solved?

Partly by creating a new mail address

How could this horror be avoided?

Do not recycle mail addresses!


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Are you ready for it?

Archiving panic? No backups? Bugs in your code? Licence confusion? Who ya gonna call? Just the thought of it!

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