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Tailor-made Virtual Research Environments

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Virtual research environments (VRE) come in different shapes and flavours. The LCRDM Research Workspace task group has developed an infographic that can be used in discussions with administrators, policy makers or researchers, as an aid in exploring the values of VRE.



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It is important that concepts are being understood in the same manner by all parties involved in research data management.


The LCRDM working group on Facilities and Infrastructure (2016-2017) organized a list of concepts and interpretations as used by the various groups within the National Coordination Point. 

As a first draft the glossary of Data4Lifesciences, a project of NFU, had been incorporated. Current LCRDM task groups also add to the list. 

Everyone can contribute to this glossary.


Poster: Example with GDPR policy view

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An example of an elaboration that uses the LCRDM framework, an elaboration of what is involved in the design of the workflow to be able to guarantee that the AVG is met:


Services Catalogue (PoC)

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The services catalogue is a 'proof of concept' based on the Leiden Services catalogue (in 2017) that has been edited by the former LCRDM working group 'Facilities and Data infrastructure'.

Leiden University is currently working on the further development of the catalogue for internal use.

Catalogue (with explanation)

Documents: Framework

Afbeelding van architectuur template

The LCRDM Reference Architecture Framework is being distinguished from the LCRDM Reference architecture itself:


The next button will show the template which has been used to collect use cases from which some common denominators could be distilled as content for the reference architecture.


HORA renewed

SURF News 03 October 2019: H​ORA renewed for research​​

Poster: Federative collaboration

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A visual reflection of federative collaboration which refers to all architectural layers:


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