TG Pseudonymisation

The LCRDM task force Pseudonymisation and Key files investigated in 2019 whether there are practical ways to pseudonymise small-scale research which can be used relatively easily at other institutions.

Because there is still too little clarity in the practice of pseudonymisation in the Netherlands, the task group with this report offers a set of 9 basic steps intended for research assistants, researchers and / or research institutions who still have little knowledge of pseudonymisation and who have insufficient tooling or infrastructure.

The report also provides insight into the current state of pseudonymisation in the Netherlands and contains recommendations for several next steps.


Simone van Kleef (St. Antoniusziekenhuis; vz), Jan Lucas van der Ploeg (UMCG), Martiene Moester (LUMC), Henk van den Hoogen (UM/liaison LCRDM Adviesgroep), Erik Jansen (UM/liaison DataverseNL), Tineke van der Meer (HU), Francisco Romero Pastrana (RUG), Jolien Scholten (VU), Leander van der Spek (Universiteit voor Humanistiek), Ingeborg Verheul (LCRDM)

Participation as a sounding board group: 

Derk Arts (Castor), Marlon Domingus (EUR), Laura Huis in ’t Veld (DANS), Nicole Koster (UT), Karin van der Pal (LUMC), Alfons Schroten (UM/MEMIC)

Thanks to all survey participants for their input.