TG Data Stewardship

The LCRDM task group Data Stewardship has written a report that provides insight into what Dutch research institutes currently demand from data stewards and also provides insight into what is currently being implemented and developed by and for them.

This 2019 report provides the basis for a clearer job description for data stewardship roles.

Based on a literature study, analysis of current vacancy texts, a survey, and a series of interviews, a clear picture has emerged of data stewardship in Dutch research institutions.

The report presents findings and attempts to translate them into practice. Three task areas are identified in the report. These provide a good indication of the center of gravity of a data stewardship function and provide a basis for clearer job descriptions.


Maarten van Bentum (UT), Marije van der Geest (UMCG, liaison ZonMW project), Henk van den Hoogen (UM, tevens LCRDM Adviesgroep), Melanie Imming (Imming Impact, consultancy), Mijke Jetten (RU), Toine Kuiper (TUe), Annemie Mordant (UM/MEMIC, tevens LCRDM adviesgroep), Nicole Koster (UT), Jan Lucas van der Ploeg (UMCG), Gera Pronk (ISeeTea), Martine Pronk (UU), Saskia Rademaker (HHS), Jacquelijn Ringersma (WUR, tevens LCRDM adviesgroep), Marta Teperek (TUD), Marijke Verheij (RUG), Boudewijn van den Berg (LCRDM ondersteuning), Ingeborg Verheul (LCRDM)

The report was produced in collaboration with:

Joke Bakker (RUG), Vincent Boxelaar (RUG), Joldy Coenen (UM/MEMIC), Alastair Dunning (TUD), Christina Elsenga (RUG), Joeri Kalter (WUR), Wouter Kool (LEI), Lena Karvovskaya (UU), Renate Mattiszik (Saxion), Paula Rinkens (UM/MEMIC), Dick Vestdijk (HU)

This report was drawn up in close collaboration with parallel projects on data stewardship by ZonMW (BioLifeSciences) and WUR.

Thanks to those who took the time to complete the online questionnaire of the LCRDM Task Force Data Stewardship.