TG Data Curation Network NL

In 2019, the LCRDM task group Data Curation Network Netherlands investigated whether data curation in the Netherlands could benefit from sharing experience and expertise in a special lightweight professional network.

The task group focused specifically on the needs and practice of research assistants and data managers of data archives, from the moment the dataset is prepared for publication and "something should be done with the data".

The report is based on practical examples and on the results of the survey conducted by the task force. Recommendations for next steps and a basic reading guide accompany the report.


Inge Slouwerhof (RU; vz), Mijke Jetten (RU), Christina Elsenga (RUG), Nynke de Groot (EUR), Marjan Grootveld (DANS), Lena Karvovskaya (UU), Marcel Ras (Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed), Madeleine de Smaele (TUD), Richard Visscher (Hogeschool Inholland), Boudewijn van den Berg (LCRDM), Ingeborg Verheul (LCRDM)

Cooperation was provided by:

Cynthia Hudson-Vitale (Pennsylvania State University, Data Curation Network), Lisa Johnston (University of Minnesota Libraries, Data Curation Network), Alastair Dunning (TUD, Liaison LCRDM adviesgroep)

Thanks to the survey participants and the people who completed the CURATE (D) model.


De task group used the CURATE(D) model by the American Data Curation Network in an adapted version.