TG Anonymisation

The LCRDM Anonymisation Task group has drawn up a generic matrix with which data stewards and research assistants can help researchers to take the right measures for safe use and protection of data about people in scientific research.

The template is based on the Five Safes Framework, which can be adapted to the context of your own institution, faculty and department by taking into account the locally applicable policy, local guidelines, infrastructure and technical solutions.

The accompanying 'postcard' with an illustration from draws researchers' attention to the need to contact local privacy experts when researching data about people.

The LCRDM Task Force on Anonymisation (2019) consisted of:

Jessica Hrudey (VU), Jan Lucas van der Ploeg (UMCG), Joan Schrijvers (WUR), Arnold Verhoeven (UM), Henk van den Hoogen (UM/liaison LCRDM advisory board), Marjolein Sijbers-Klaver (UMCU), Santosh Ilamparuthi (TUD), Toine Kuiper (TUe), Erik Tjong Kim Sang (eScience Center), Niek van Ulzen (HvA), Yvonne Drost (Rijksdienst Cultureel Erfgoed), Ingeborg Verheul (LCRDM).