TG Adoption of 23 Things Grant Proposal 2019

The international research data alliance (RDA) has issued a call for organizations that want to promote the adoption of existing RDA recommendations & results.

Based on the list of available recommendations, the LCRDM Task Force "RDA Project Proposal" submitted a proposal for the dissemination of a non-technical guide: 23 Things - Libraries for Research Data​.​

Adoption grant.pdf

Work plan.pdf (update bij implementatieplan)

Gannt chart.pdf (update bij implementatieplan)


Advisory Board Recommendation Letter.pdf

The proposal was accepted in early May 2019. The task group was then expanded with additional expertise. The project proposal has since been converted into an implementation plan.

Implementation Plan


Maria Cruz (VU), Mijke Jetten (RU), Fieke Schoots (LEI), Ingeborg Verheul (LCRDM), Fieke Schoots (LEI)