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afbeelding bij pitch over beleid

Duration: April - July 2019

Purpose: Review of GDPR definition, discuss balance between open science and privacy rights, assess the re-identification risks of various types of data: consider likelihood, feasibility and impact of re-identification with such dataContinue ...


Pitchvoorstel RDA

Task completed: 4 March 2019

Purpose: to write a project proposal in a short time and submit it for a call from RDA Europe. With this call, the Research Data Alliance is looking for organizations for the adoption of existing RDA recommendations & outputs. The deadline for submitting a project proposal is 4 March 2019. On the basis of the list of available recommendations, a non-technical recommendation was chosen. The choice fell on the topic​ "23 Things - Libraries for Research Data". Continue ...


LCRDM - data curatie netwerk

 Duration: end of February - June 2019

This task group will deliver an inventory of knowledge and wishes concerning data curation. At a later stage, depending on the outcome of the first stage, an effort might be made to establish data curation standards. Continue ...


LCRDM - workspace

  Duration: end of January - end of March 2019

This task group will propose criteria for a GDPR compliant virtual research environment as well as provide seven use cases. Continue ...


LCRDM - sleutelbestanden

  This task group will present best practices of pseudonymization and key file management, collected by means of questionnaires and interviews. Continue ...

LCRDM - datasteward

Duration: October 2018 - January 2019

This task group collects actual rôles and tasks of data stewards by means of questionnaires, literature, recent vacancies and interviews. Continue ...