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"23 Things"adoption (2)

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The project proposal from phase (1) has been accepted by Research Data Alliance Europe, the task group has been expanded and will work towards furthering the adoption of the existing RDA recommendation "23 Things - Libraries for Research Data"​.​

As a first intermediate deliverable the task group produced an update of "23 Things" for the Dutch community.

23 Things Updated version 

Mijke Jetten (RU), Lena Karvovskaya (UU; per 15/9/2019), Mateusz Kuzak (DTLS), Ellen Leenarts (DANS), Fieke Schoots (LEI), Carlos Teijeiro Barjas (SURF), Ingeborg Verheul (LCRDM), Iza Witkowska (UU; per 15/9/2019)

Feedback group: Barteld Braaksma (CBS), [Maria Cruz (VU; core team member untill 15/9/2019),] Ronald de Jong (CBS), Paula Martinez Lavanchy (TUD), Ruurd Schoonhoven (CBS), H.A. Teunissen (TiU), Ellen Verbakel (TUD), Yan Wang (TUD)

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Next meeting: 19 November


afbeelding bij tg anonimisering

Purpose: Review of GDPR definition, discuss balance between open science and privacy rights, assess the re-identification risks of various types of data: consider likelihood, feasibility and impact of re-identification with such data​.

Short pitch | Extended version

Yvonne Drost (UMCU), Henk van den Hoogen (UM, lid LCRDM adviesgroep), Jessica Hrudey (VU), Santosh Ilamparuthi (TUD), Toine Kuiper (TUE), Jan Lucas van der Ploeg (UMCG), Joan Schrijvers (UvA), Erik Tjong Kim Sang (eScience), Niek van Ulzen (HvA), Arnold Verhoeven (UM)​

Focus group: Floor Knuistingh Neven (UvA), Tineke van der Meer (HU), Alfons Schroten (UM/MEMIC), Nicole Koster (UTwente), Francisco Romero Pastrana (RUG) 

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Next meeting: 25 November

Data curation

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Purpose:  Deliver an inventory of knowledge and wishes concerning data curation. At a later stage, depending on the outcome of the first stage, an effort might be made to establish data curation standards.​

There were 96 responses to the survey. A first short report will follow shortly.

Short pitch | Extended version

Alastair Dunning (TUD; LCRDM Adviesgroep), Christina Elsenga (RUG), Nynke de Groot (EUR), Marjan Grootveld (DANS), Mijke Jetten (RU), Lena Karvovskaya (UU), Marcel Ras (NDE), Maaike Messelink (RU), Marcel Ras (NDE), Tina Reilink (RU), Inge Slouwerhof (RU), Madeleine de Smaele (TU Delft), Richard Visscher (Hogeschool InHolland)

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In completion phase.


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VRE Infographic

Purpose: Propose criteria for a GDPR compliant virtual research environment as well as provide seven use cases. ​

Short pitch | Extended version

Jeroen Beliën (VUmc), Ymke van den Berg (SURF), Erik van den Bergh (WUR), Jan Willem Boiten (namens Adviesgroep), Lolke Boonstra (TUD), Hans Brouwers (RUG), Mark Cole (SURF), Erik Flikkenschild (LUMC), Maarten Hoogerwerf (UU), Taco Horsley (UvA), Philipp Weissert​ (RUG)

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Privacy risks

Brievenbus met Private aanduiding

Purpose: The idea is to work out a DPIA per scenario and to subsequently maintain it, so that for a majority of new research the selection of a scenario will be sufficient to be compliant​.

Short pitch | Extended version

Erik van den Beld (Saxion), Marlon Domingus (EUR), Pam Dupont (TiU), Raymond van Erkel (LEI), Jasper de Groot (UU), Inge Slouwerhof (RU), Cristina Montagner (RUG), Fieke Schoots (LEI), Marco Teunisse (UvA), Dick Vestdijk (HU), Raoul Winkens (UM)

Please, read the blog post byJasper de Groot.

Focus group: Jantien van Berkel (WUR), Mareike Boom (LEI), Martijn den Hamer (HvA), Jessica Hrudey (VU), vertegenwoordiger van NETHICS, Sander Nieuwenhuis (DSW sub-committee 'Scientific integrity, data storage and reproducibility'), Jacqueline Tenkink (UU)

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First meeting: 28 November

Data collaboration

afbeelding bij tg beleid

Purpose: Draw up an inventory of institute transcending research projects (use cases), call attention to hindrances, map which incompatible policies causes obstacles and describe implications and solutions.

Short pitch | Extended version

Marlon Domingus (EUR), Peter Hinrich (SURF), M​onic Hodes (UU), Patrick Hoetink (UT), Wouter Kool (LEI), Sonja Meeuwsen (LUMC), Judith Pijnacker (SURF), Jan Rijnders (RU), Jacquelijn Ringersma (WUR), Jolien Scholten (VU), Yan Wang (TUD), ​Iza Witkowska (UU)

Focus group: Barteld Braaksma (CBS), Toine Kuiper (TUE), Francisco Romero, Henk van der Zijden (Hanze)

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Next meetings: 5 December

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Task groups

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The purpose of task groups is to formulate advice about specific tasks or to prepare national meetings..

Task groups are compiled per submitted issue on an ad-hoc basis by the advisory group. For the composition of a task group, candidates are drawn from the pool of experts, in casu from those who react to the specific calls for participation. These experts are supplemented with experts from the work field of advisory group members or experts from the pool. Task groups may be supported by an external consultant.

Pool of Experts


The task group members are motivated to work on a subject by a need to know, questions from their own institute and work environment or their daily work. The incentive here is: ‘this topic can also be applied in my own work environment’.

Data stewardship

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Data Stewardship

Maarten van Bentum (UT), Mijke Jetten (RU), Nicole Koster (UT), Toine Kuiper (TUe), Jan Lucas van der Ploeg (UMCG), Gera Pronk (ISeeTea), Martine Pronk (UU), Saskia Rademaker (HHS), Marta Teperek (TUD), Marijke Verheij (RUG), Marije van der Geest (UMCG). Namens de Adviesgroep: Henk van den Hoogen (UM), Annemie Mordant (Memic/UM), Jacquelijn Ringersma (WUR)

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The task group was being supported by Melanie Imming (immingimpact.eu)


afbeelding bij tg pseudonimisering

Purpose: Present best practices of pseudonymization and key file management, collected by means of questionnaires and interviews.​

Short pitch | Extended version

Henk van den Hoogen (UM; adviesgroeplid), Erik Jansen (UM), Simone van Kleef (Antonius zh), Tineke van der Meer (HU), Martiene Moester (LUMC), Jan Lucas van der Ploeg (UMCG), Francisco Romero Pastrana (RUG), Jolien Scholten (VU), Leander van der Spek (UvH) 

Focus group: Derk Arts (Castor), Marlon Domingus (EUR), Laura Huis in 't Veld (DANS), Nicole Koster (UT), Karin van der Pal (LUMC), Alfons Schroten (UM/MEMIC) 

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In completion phase.

"23 Things" adoption (1)

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Project proposal RDA



Maria Cruz (VU), Mijke Jetten (RU), Fieke Schoots (LEI), Ingeborg Verheul (LCRDM)