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Thank you, respondents. The survey is closed. The CURATE matrix can still be edited.

CURATE matrix

The LCRDM task group Dutch Data Curation Network is eager to find out whether data curation in the Netherlands could benefit from sharing expertise and experiences in a dedicated, lightweight professional network. As a fundament, we use the CURATE model of the US based Data Curation Network.

With the last question from the survey, there was the option of supplementing the CURATE matrix of this task group. We appeal to you to fill in this adapted version of the American CURATE matrix, in order to make the daily practice of data curation in the Netherlands transparent.

CURATE matrix

In the (shared) document please add your information in a new column.

What it is about

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By data curation we mean the activity of managing the use of data from its point of creation to ensure it is available for discovery and reuse in the future. 

Examples of data curation range from adding, verifying and improving metadata to checking if files open as expected and recording who did what with the dataset in a repository. Researchers, research support staff and repository staff carry out this kind of activity, in different phases of the research data life cycle. In the task group Dutch Data Curation Network , however, we specifically:

a) focus on the needs and practice of research support and repository staff and
b) start at the moment when the dataset is being prepared for publication and “something should be done with the data”.

This survey is set up to get input from relevant organizations involved in data curation in the Netherlands to get a feeling of the urge to set up a Dutch Data Curation Network in the Netherlands, and to collect suggestions from data curators on the purpose and goal of such a network.

What happens next

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Responses to the questionnaire will be used by the LCRDM task group participants for reporting. The responses will be used for drafting the report, but the report itself will not contain any personally identifiable information.

The report will zoom in on the current state of the art of data curation in the Netherlands and will advise on the feasibility of setting up a curation-dedicated network in the Netherlands. The inventory will become available on the LCRDM website and ZENODO under CC BY license.

If you participate in this survey you give your consent to its purpose as stated above. For any questions, please contact the chair of the LCRDM task group Inge Slouwerhof.

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