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Pool of experts

Pool of Experts

Participating institutions:

Antoniusziekenhuis AUMC/VUMC CASTOR CWI Dans DTL Erasmus MC eScience Center EUR EUR - ERIM Fontys  GGD Hart voor Brabant Haagse Hogeschool HAN Hanze Hogeschool HU KNAW HvA  InHolland KNAW LEI LUMC Lygature maastro MEMIC UM Naturalis  NDE NFU NIKHEF  NIOO/KNAW NIOZ NKI NWO OLVG PTHU RU RU-Donders RUG Saxion SCP (Sociaal Cultureel Planbureau) SGF/Hartstichting Spaarne Ziekenhuis Stichting NLBIF TiU Tresoar TU Delft TU Eindhoven UH  UL UM  UMCG  UMCU UT UT/CLARIAH UU UvA VU  Windesheim WUR ZonMW

Profile and effort

• Experts who want to join the LCRDM Pool of Experts regularly deal with RDM in their own institution and are prepared to combine their local focus with a national perspective, and to advocate (the importance of) national cooperation

Required effort:

• Experts are available to participate in the ad hoc task groups
• Experts broach new subjects from their own daily practice or institution to tackle at a national level
• Pool members are invited to propose experts from outside the pool to join the task groups
• Pool members promote the work of the task groups in their own institutions, as well stress the need for national cooperation
• To boost knowledge sharing, experts attend each year two LCRDM expert network meetings whenever possible

RDM mailing list

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RDM mailing list

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