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Would you like to become part of the national effort? Please contact Ingeborg Verheul (coordinator) at 
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Are you not yet listed on the list of experts and have you registered as an expert? Give your permission by e-mail.

Keep an eye on the RDM mailing list for the latest pitches. Or visit this website regularly. You may want to participate in one of the new task groups which will work on one issue within a limited period of time.

You can also submit your own proposal for task group. Read more at the page on pitches


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Pool of experts

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Expert list

Everyone actively concerned with RDM in their daily work can apply for the pool of experts. See "Sign up" on this page.

Whether your expertise is in the field of support, IT or policy making; no matter if you work at a university, UMC, or are connected to an HBO institute, KNAW research institute, NWO or T20: we are happy to welcome you.

Experts share knowledge and experience in the field of RDM with each other and third parties, are available for advice and can participate in ad hoc, short-term task groups.

Expert list

Are you not yet listed and have you registered as an expert?
Give your permission by e-mail.

Participating institutes

Antoniusziekenhuis, AUMC, CASTOR, CWI, DANS, DTL, eScience, EUR, HAN, Hanze, Hartstichting/SGF, HHS, HU, Huygens-KNAW, HvA, Imming Impact, Iseetea, KNAW, LEI, LUMC, NDE, NFU, NIKHEF, NIOO-KNAW, NIOZ, NKI, NWO, NWZiekenhuisgroep, PTHU, RU, RUG, Saxion, SURF, Technopolis, TiU, TUD, TU/e, UM, UMCG, UMCU, UT, UU, UvA, VU, Windesheim, WUR, ZonMW

Would you like to become part of the national effort? Please contact Margriet Miedema (coordinator) at 

Profile and effort

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• Experts who want to join the LCRDM Pool of Experts regularly deal with RDM in their own institution and are prepared to combine their local focus with a national perspective , and to advocate (the importance of) national cooperation

Required effort:

• Experts broach new subjects from their own daily practice or institution to tackle at a national level

• Experts are available to participate in the ad hoc task groups

• The pool members are invited to propose experts from outside the pool, to join the task groups (via LCRDM coordinator)

• The experts promote the work of the task groups in their own institution, as well stressing the need for national cooperation

• To boost knowledge sharing, experts attend each year two LCRDM expert network meetings (in the afternoon) whenever possible

Task groups

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SURF and LCRDM: master class & networking day

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