Pool of experts

Everyone actively concerned with RDM in their daily work can apply for the pool of experts.


RDM experts

Whether your expertise is in the field of support, IT or policy making; no matter if you work at a university, UMC, or are connected to an HBO institute, KNAW research institute, NWO or T20: we are happy to welcome you.

Experts share knowledge and experience in the field of RDM with each other and third parties, are available for advice and can participate in ad hoc, short-term task groups.

A network meeting for experts is held 3 times per year.

Do you want to apply?

Please contact Margriet Miedema at margriet.miedema@surf.nl (or just pick up the phone!)

Read more about the composition of the pool of experts, the desired profile and the expected task load: Pool van Experts.pdf (in Dutch)

Read about LCRDM’s new method of working in the LCRDM implementation plan 2018 ff.

An overview of the pool of experts will be published on the wiki platform.

Would you like to become really active?

Then you can take part in one of the ad hoc task groups that work on a certain topic for a short time. Keep an eye on the RDM discussion list for the latest pitches.

You can also submit your own proposal for a task group. For more information on the pitch procedure go to the wiki platform.

A first networking meetup for the LCRDM Pool of Experts took place Thursday 27 september 2018, Utrecht. Read the report by Ingeborg Verheul, including presentations. The second meetup took place 11 April 2019, Utrecht. Please, read the lookback, including the presentations.