Latest pitch is closed. The new task group for collaboration on a project proposal for RDA Europe has started.


The pitch is closed, you can no longer apply for the task group.

Duration: 11 February - 4 March 2019. ​​

Purpose:  complete the form by drawing up a project proposal that will work for the Dutch RDM network. ​


This task group will write a project proposal in a short time and submit it for a call from RDA Europe. With this call, the Research Data Alliance is looking for organizations for the adoption of existing RDA recommendations & outputs. The deadline for submitting a project proposal is 4 March 2019. On the basis of the list of available recommendations, a non-technical recommendation was chosen. The choice fell on the topic​ 23 Things - Libraries for Research Data.


Long-term perspective: take part in the project after it has been approved. Task group members are invited to participate in the project, but depending on the final project proposal maybe  a new pitch will be drafted.


Learn more about this pitch at the LCRDM platform.

RDA Europe Pitch

From the applications for this pitch a task group has been formed. The task group will start 11 February.


Latest modifications 11 Feb 2019