Pitch: FAIR enabling

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Experts wanted for an LCRDM Task Force 'FAIR enabling organization'

with involvement for the end of March - mid-June 2020.

The aim of this FAIR task group is, among other things, to define a number of principles on the basis of which you could assess an organization on the level of FAIR enabling.

We are looking for RDM experts who work at the strategic tactical level of an organization (university, UMC, research or RDM institution or HBO).

Read the pitch (long and short versions):

FAIR enabling (short) (Dutch)

FAIR enabling (long) (Dutch)

For more information and registration: Jacquelijn Ringersma jacquelijn.ringersma [at] wur.nl, Henk van den Hoogen h.vandenhoogen [at] maastrichtuniversity.nl or Margriet Miedema margriet.miedema [at] surfsara.nl.


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Do you have RDM questions that could benefit from a national approach?

Email these to LCRDM coordinator Margriet Miedema margriet.miedema@surfsara.nl. Use the framework on this page for this.

The advisory group then sets a pitch in the network to form a temporary task group that works out the subject in a short time.

The results are published on this website. The guidelines and advice can be used by everyone in their own organization.

Task groups

Previous pitches resulted in task groups on data stewardship, pseudonymization, anonymization, data curation, virtual workspaces and policy for collaborations.

Framework for proposal

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Pitch proposal (title):
Contact details:

1. Goal (problem definition, solution-oriented approach) and delimitation of the subject.

2. Why is this issue institute-transcending?

3. Deliverable, output, what is the expected yield? (the “product” + rough outline)

4. What kind of expertise or competencies are necessary to set up a task group? And how much funding is needed?

5. Estimated duration (max 2 months, if reasonable) and preferred planning (desired starting date, date of completion)

NB: the amount of time you devote to this subject per week can be coordinated in the task group

6. What is currently known or has already been undertaken and why is this information insufficient?

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