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Members of Consultation Group for LCRDM Task Group RDA 23 Things

Involvement is needed from end of August 2019 till June 2020. 

What will you do? You will give your input (in writing) on the revision of the 23 Things by participating in two or more sprint sessions and you’ll advise on the deliverables and connecting activities of the project.​ ​

Read the pitch: RDA project 23 Things (short)

Or read the longer version:​​​ RDA project 23 Things (long)

For information please contact: Mijke Jetten m.jetten [at] ubn.ru.nl (024 3612863)  or  Ingeborg Verheul ingeborg.verheul [at] surfsara.nl​​

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Task groups

Previous pitches resulted in task groups on data stewardship, pseudonymization, anonymization, data curation, virtual workspaces and policy for collaborations.

Pool of Experts

Participants in the pool of experts share their knowledge and experience in the field of RDM, with each other and with third parties, are available for advice and can participate in short-term task groups.

Anyone who engages in his or her daily work with RDM can sign up for the pool of experts.

Pool of Experts

Idea for a pitch?

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​​​​Do you have a question about RDM or have you encountered problems during your daily work that you find difficult to solve on your own? 

Is the issue in question relevant to other institutes besides your own organization? 

Send an email to
to bring your issue to the attention of the LCRDM.


If there is sufficient support for your proposal to be tackled at a national level, the LCRDM Advisory group will develop a pitch to be put to the LCRDM pool of experts. A task group will be formed based on the reactions to the pitch.

A research proposal for a LCDRM task group should aim at a duration of maximally two months.

New: Positioning paper

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To paper

The LCRDM advisory group published the "Positioning Paper 2019 and beyond". This describes - on the basis of thematic prioritization and three broader (policy-based) working areas - what does and does not fall within the scope of the LCRDM.

Framework for proposal

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Pitch proposal (title):
Contact details:

1. Goal (problem definition, solution-oriented approach) and delimitation of the subject.

2. Why is this issue institute-transcending?

3. Deliverable, output, what is the expected yield? (the “product” + rough outline)

4. What kind of expertise or competencies are necessary to set up a task group? And how much funding is needed?

5. Estimated duration (max 2 months, if reasonable) and preferred planning (desired starting date, date of completion)

NB: the amount of time you devote to this subject per week can be coordinated in the task group

6. What is currently known or has already been undertaken and why is this information insufficient?

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