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Open Science

"the ongoing transition in how research is performed and how knowledge is shared."


kaartje met OSC's in Nederland

The Open Science community Utrecht started an inclusive platform to learn and talk about open science. In just three months, over 100 colleagues have joined the Utrecht community, from all faculties and career stages. The Open Science community hosts open science cafes as a platform for informal discussions, organises open science workshops where members receive or provide practical advice and assistance.

A number of other universities have started similar local open science communities.

A global open science community has the potential to bring about large scale adoption of Open Science practices, making science more reliable and efficient.

This page contains references to the existing Dutch communities.

If you want to start one yourself, look here:

Start your own OSC

Essentials training

OSC Rotterdam

OSC Rotterdam (Twitter)


afbeelding van een fragment van een webpagina van het NPOS

Call for action

In the slipstream of the 2016 Dutch EU chairmanship, the LCRDM, SURFacademy, the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and the Erasmus University organized the conference Designing & Shaping Open Science – one of the spearheads of the EU chairmanship was ‘open science’.


The chairmanship also yielded the 'Amsterdam Call for Action'. This was the run-up to the National Plan Open Science (NPOS).


The LCRDM contributes to several ambitions of the NPOS: read more on the LCRDM wiki platform.

LCRDM + National Platform

National Platform

European Commission

OSC Utrecht

OSC Leiden

OSC Eindhoven

OSC Amsterdam

Shades of Open

fragment van flyer over shades of open

Oblong reference card (for download and print) on the various forms of 'openness' concerning data, all acceptable under the A in FAIR.


Open Boogie

Afbeelding van bladmuziek en pianotoetsen

Music sheets

Spring 2016 the internationally well-known​ jazz musician Michiel Borstlap composed his Open Boogie. Leitmotiv for open science.

The composition was made on the occasion of the conference Desiging & Shaping Open Science.

By way of 'open' the music sheets of Borstlap's "Open Boogie" are freely available.

OSC Nijmegen

OSC Groningen

OSC Groningen (Twitter)

OSC Tilburg

OSC Tilburg (Twitter)