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· DoDo Leiden
· Data Curation Continuum
· Data Publication Pyramid
· DCC Curation Lifecycle Model
· DMPonline
· DMP for FAIR Open Science
· HANDS Handbook for Adequate Natural Data Stewardship
· Linked Open Data
· Nesstar
· NWO datamanagementplan
· UKDA Research Data Lifecycle
· ZonMw datamanagementplan


​​​​DoDo Leiden

Datamanagement ondersteuning en diensten voor onderzoekers (DoDo; sitetoelichting) is een initiatief van de Universiteit Leiden om een brede inventarisatie op de Research Data Management voorzieningen — breder dan alleen ICT en op lokaal, nationaal en internationaal niveau —uit te voeren en lacunes te identificeren. 

De informatie (stand december 2017) is overgenomen in de LCRDM dienstencatalogus​.

Data Curation Continuum

Het Data Curation Continuum is een model dat de locatie van de data en de daarmee samenhangende toegankelijkheid / mate van openbaarheid: privé, gedeeld, publiek in beeld brengt.


Data Publication Pyramid

De Data Publication Pyramid is een model voor de veranderingen die de data ondergaan (het ‘stadium’ of de aard van de datasets): van ruwe data tot data bij een publicatie.


DCC Curation Lifecycle Model

Het DCC Curation Lifecycle Model is een model dat de te verrichten handelingen met de data (curation – preservation) presenteert.



DMPonline is a tool to help write data management plans using templates that represent the requirements of different funders and institutions.


DMP for FAIR Open Science

The Data Stewardship Wizard​ is a questionnaire generated from the Data Stewardship Knowledge Model. This is a proof-of-concept work not intended for serious use, yet. ​


HANDS Handbook for Adequate Natural Data Stewardship

The Federation of Dutch UMCs (NFU) has developed this handbook to promote good data stewardship at the eight Dutch university medical centres (UMCs). HANDS was written by experts with knowledge of the current regulations and best practices for data stewardship. The handbook should help you become a good data steward. Please consult experts within your UMC or within your research field if you have questions about your own study.
This first chapter of HANDS explains the basics of data stewardship: a. What is data stewardship?, b. What are the tasks of a data steward?, c. What is the FAIR principle?, d. Who is responsible and accountable for what?


Linked Open Data

Linked Open Data is about using the Web to connect related data that wasnt previously linked, or using the Web to lower the barries to linking data currently linke using other methods.



MANTRA is a free online course designed for researchers or others who manage digital data as part of a research project. There are nine interactive learning units on key topics such as data management planning, organising and formatting data, using shared data and licensing your own data, as well as four data handling tutorials with open datasets for use in R, SPSS, NVivo and ArcGIS.



Nesstar is a software system for data publishing and online analysis. The software consists of tools which enables data providers to disseminate their data on the Web. Nesstar handles survey data and multidimensional tables as well as text resources. Users can search, browse and analyse the data online.


NWO datamanagementplan

NWO datamanagementplan template voor het schrijven van een datamanagementplan na ontvangst van een NWO subsidie.

After a proposal has been awarded funding, a researcher should elaborate the data management section into a data management plan. Within four months of the research project being awarded funding, the researcher must have submitted the first version of the data management plan to NWO.


UKDA Research Data Lifecycle

Het UKDA Research Data Lifecycle model geeft de fasen in de onderzoeksworkflow weer.


ZonMw datamanagementplan

ZonMw datamanagementplan​ voor het schrijven van een datamanagementplan na ontvangst van een ​ZonMw subsidie.​


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