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Sync and Exchange Research Data. B2DROP is a secure and trusted data exchange service for researchers and scientists to keep their research data synchronized and up-to-date and to exchange with other researchers.


B2FIND is the EUDAT metadata service allowing users to discover what kind of data is stored through the B2SAFE and B2SHARE services which collect a large number of datasets from various disciplines. EUDAT will also harvest metadata from communities that have stable metadata providers to create a comprehensive joint catalogue to help researchers find interesting data objects and collections.



B2SAFE is a robust, safe and highly available service which allows community and departmental repositories to implement data management policies on their research data across multiple administrative domains in a trustworthy manner.
A solution to:

  • Provide an abstraction layer which virtualizes large-scale data resources
  • Guard against data loss in long-term archiving and preservation
  • Optimize access for users from different regions
  • Bring data closer to powerful computers for compute-intensive analysis

B2SAFE features:

  • Based on the execution of auditable data policy rules and the use of persistent identifiers (PIDs)
  • Respects the rights of the data owners to define the access rights for their data and to decide how and when it is made publicly referenceable
  • Data policies are centrally managed via a Data Policy Manager, and the policy rules are implemented and enforced by site-local rule engines
  • Able to aggregate data from different disciplines into a storage system of trustworthy and capable data service providers
  • Support for repository packages (e.g. DSPACE, FEDORA) and a lightweight HTTP-based solution.



B2SHARE is a user-friendly, secure, robust, reliable and trusted service to share and store your research data adding value to your research data by assigning Persistent Identifiers to ensure long-lasting access and reference. Deposit and release your data via the generic interface or select a community extension including specific metadata fields. Releasing your data implies that your deposited data can be referred to, therefore any changes should be reflected in new data uploads. Share your data with others in a safe and trusted environment. Do you belong to a scientific community? Brand and create your own community collection with specific metadata fields customized for your field.



B2STAGE is a reliable, efficient, light-weight and easy-to-use service to transfer research data sets between EUDAT storage resources and high-performance computing (HPC) workspaces.
The service allows users to:

  • Transfer large data collections from EUDAT storage facilities to external HPC facilities for processing
  • In conjunction with B2SAFE, replicate community data sets, ingesting them onto EUDAT storage resources for long-term preservation
  • Ingest computation results into the EUDAT infrastructure
  • Access data through a RESTful HTTP interface (in progress)

B2STAGE features:

  • An extension of the B2SAFE and B2FIND services, which allow users to store, preserve and find data
  • Data-staging script facilitates staging, ingestion and retrieval of persistent identifier (PID) information of transferred data
  • Service available to all registered researchers and interested communities
  • Users negotiate access to remote HPC services in parallel
  • Collaboration with other infrastructures, such as the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) and Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE)
  • Documentation, educational material and service helpdesk available to support users.


DANS Dark Archive

The 'Dark Archive' can store non-sensitive and sensitive data. General property of the service is that the data is not accessible (or findable) via the web.



DataFirst is a unit at the University of Cape Town, South Africa devoted to survey research in Africa. The unit operates a Research Data Centre and provides basic and advanced training in microdata analysis. DataFirst is also an international web portal for South African census and survey data, as well as survey metadata and all research output based on this data. The unit aims to facilitate the collection, exchange and use of census and survey microdata on a collaborative basis in the African region, and build regional expertise in quantitative survey methodology and analysis.



SURFdrive is een persoonlijke cloudopslagdienst voor het Nederlandse hoger onderwijs en onderzoek, waarmee medewerkers en onderzoekers gemakkelijk bestanden kunnen opslaan, synchroniseren en delen. Dit gebeurt in de veilige en betrouwbare SURF-communitycloud. Je kunt met SURFdrive gemakkelijk bestanden synchroniseren en delen met andere gebruikers. Veilig binnen een communitycloud en met een grote opslagruimte. SURF voldoet met SURFdrive aan de Nederlandse en Europese privacywetgeving. Zo heeft SURFdrive gebruiksvoorwaarden die een veilig gebruik waarborgen, waarbij jij eigenaar blijft van je eigen data. De data zijn veilig opgeslagen in Nederland en worden nooit aan derden verstrekt.



Want to send and receive files quickly, safely and easily? With SURFfilesender, users can send not only large files, but also files that are just a bit too big for e-mail. The files are stored in the Netherlands. Encryption offers extra security.

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