LCRDM task group wins RDA backing

Push for European adoption of RDM reference guide

16 May 2019

"RDA Europe selects 8 projects for funding following its Adoption Open Call" - A LCRDM task group can go ahead with support of RDA to push for European adoption of one of the international guidelines of the Research Data Alliance.

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Project proposal

23 Things Revisited: Field guides to research data management

Support staff, such as data stewards, IT support staff, librarians or policy officers, often have different levels of understanding of RDM. However, they need to collaborate closely to offer state-of-the-art support for researchers wishing to do responsible RDM. The 23 Things can act as a shared reference tool that enhances mutual understanding and improves collaboration. It can also be used for quick reference and as a guideline for training. We propose to update and adjust the 23 Things to the above mentioned audiences and stimulate nationwide adoption.

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