Data stewardship on the map

A study of tasks and roles in Dutch Research Institutes

20 May 2019

For research institutes it is becoming ever clearer that professionalization of data stewardship is important; that data stewards are indispensable and that the various data stewardship roles must be placed within an organizational framework.

Press release 20 May 2019

During October 2018 through March 2019, a LCRDM task group, taking into account the prevailing uncertainty about the interpretation of data stewardship, worked on providing insight in what Dutch research institutes currently demand of data stewards and also what has been implemented and developed by and for them. Based on a literature study, analysis of recently published vacancies, a questionnaire and a series of interviews, a clear picture has been drawn of how data stewardship is currently implemented at Dutch institutes.

In the report three task areas are identified: ‘Embedded and operational’, ‘Generic and advice’ and ‘Policy, strategy and coordination’. These task areas clearly indicate where the emphasis of a data stewardship function lies and offers a basis for a clearer job description.

However, thé generic or thé operational data steward, does not exist. When revising function profiles it is therefore advisable to formulate them loosley so they incorporate all relevant responsibilities.

Report, infographic and underlying data are available in Dutch and English via the website of the LCRDM and Zenodo ( Printed copies of the report can be obtained from the LCRDM office.

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