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03 April 2019

Here you'll find all news headlines as published in the former 'content management system'.

Afbeelding van nieuws dat uit laptop waait

News leaflets blowing out of a laptop


Data Steward Questionnaire online

Register for Celebrating data! What next? seminar

Advisory groups minutes

New blog: Cross cooperation in a novel way

LCRDM in SURF Magazine

New Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Who wants to help? A Call for first LCRDM Task Group

GDPR in research - what does it mean? Conference on 30/31 of August in Delft
Apply now for the Essentials 4 Data Support course

Save the date: 27 September network meetup

Looking back at the National Cooperation in RDM Conference


18 feb Conferentie National Cooperation in RDM: Celebrating Achievements, Shaping Future Directions​​​​​​s

Consultatieversie Herziene VSNU Gedragscode Persoonlijke Data beschikbaar
2e Netwerkbijeenkomst Working on Data Stewardship? Meet your Peers! 1 december in Utrecht

24 en 26 oktober consultatierondes VSNU Gedragscode Persoonsgegevens

Workshop Working on data stewardship? Meet your peers!

Gedragscode voor gebruik van persoonsgegevens in wetenschappelijk onderzoek

Samen groeien naar privacy 

Ervaring met het beoordelen van datamanagementplannen?

Vacature Projectmedewerker / specialist

Achieving a balance between protecting personal information and the nature of scientific research


Online platform LCRDM niet bereikbaar tussen 23 en 24 dec
Seminar The Making of RDM policy in Wageningen drukbezocht

1 Dec, Seminar 'The Making of.. Research Data Management Policy'

Helderheid over Europese Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek

Please fill in the survey on research data management

Michiel Borstlap's Open Boogie, as a Leitmotiv for Open Science released at International Jazz Day 2016

Who'll win the 2016 Dutch Data Prize?​​​​​​?

Register now for course Essentials 4 Data Support of RDNL

Presentations Designing and Shaping Open Science online

Come to the Designing and Shaping Open Science Symposium on 5 April

Legal frame for national research data management


Achieving our milestones together on an interactive platform

RDM roadmap focussing on five core issues developed

Quick Scan: Current situation RDM

Working session 'Roadmap Research Data Management

VSNU calls for a national RDM strategy

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has asked SURF to set up a National Research Data Management Coordination Point. The VSNU’s Research and Valorisation Steering Group notes that much work in the RDM field is already taking place at universities. They also see a need for more coordination.

SURF’s role
The plan to set up a compact and effective Coordination Point ties in closely with SURF’s ambitions. The Sustainable Data Services component of SURF’s Strategic Plan 2015–2018 reflects this.

SURF is taking up the coordinating role in the process of taking RDM to the next level. In short, the SURFsara operating company is taking on the implementation in close collaboration and consultation with the Research Data Netherlands (RDNL) partners 3TU.Datacentrum and Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS).

Combining forces
Universities, UMCs, universities of applied sciences and research institutions have been addressing the Research Data Management (RDM) issue for some time already. Many valuable initiatives each contain parts of the solution. If we share this knowledge, we can combine the solutions. This is how we can combine our forces and integrate Research Data Management into the daily practice of scientific research, in order to facilitate excellent, applicable, sustainable and ethical research. Optimal management and use of data leads to new research questions and creates opportunities for scientific breakthrough.