• Handreiking Anonimisering beschikbaar

    09 January 2020

    Om datastewards en onderzoeksondersteuners een hulpmiddel te bieden om onderzoekers te helpen de juiste maatregelen te nemen voor veilig gebruik én bescherming van data over mensen in wetenschappelijk onderzoek, heeft de LCRDM taakgroep Anonimisering een generieke matrix opgesteld.  

    afbeelding van beide zijden van een ansichtkaart over anonimisering
  • Coordination: change of guard

    20 December 2019

    As you may already know, on January 1, 2020, Ingeborg Verheul will work as the Collection Services Division Manager at UB Amsterdam and will stop as Coordinator of the National Coordination Point for Research Data Management.

    Ingeborg bedankt!
  • A Dutch Data Curation Network

    08 December 2019

    Recently published: an LCRDM report on the state of affairs regarding data curation in the Netherlands and the feasibility of a special data curation network. Also available in English.

    afbeelding van voorzijde van rapport een een flaptekst
  • Save the date: LCRDM networking day

    04 December 2019

    The next LCRDM Pool of Experts networking day will take place on 4 February 2020, this time with the new 'Data Competence Centers' as the main theme.

    Save the date: 4-2-20 netwerkdag
  • New infographic: Virtual Research Environments

    08 November 2019

    The LCRDM Research Workspace task group has developed an infographic that can be used in discussions with administrators, policy makers or researchers, as an aid in exploring the values of Virtual Research Environments.

    tekening van mensen rondom beeldscherm
  • Masterclass and Networking day retrospect

    07 November 2019

    The combined SURF Research Support masterclass and LCRDM Networking Day turned out to be a very successful event that was attended by more than 180 people. This year's theme was: Open Science and FAIR. How do you do that?

  • Press reports

    15 October 2019

    The report on data stewardship from the LCRDM task group still finds a new audience.

    afbeelding voorzijde IP vakblad oktober 2019