Network day: Five RDM themes

LCRDM Network meeting, 8 June 2017 

Written by Ingeborg Verheul

In the Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten on the Domplein in Utrecht on Thursday 8 June 2017, the first LCRDM network meeting took place for members of the different LCRDM work groups. The goal of this afternoon was three-fold: showing what each work group was busy with, collectively evaluating previous years and of course, networking and getting to know each other. A report by Ingeborg Verheul.  

The afternoon was opened with an information market during which work group members gave informal presentations of their activities. To announce their presentations, each sub-work group made a poster, 16 in total, printed in A0 format which they hung throughout the auditorium. The information market was divided into three rounds. During each round, short 5 minute presentations were held simultaneously in different corners of the auditorium followed by questions and a discussion of the featured topics. An announcement via a megaphone (just like a real market) urged attendees to select a new poster for the following round. The concurrency of the presentations did not allow everyone to attend each one but did arouse curiosity. During the intermission there was enough time to walk by and inspect all the posters. 

The information market programme can be consulted below. 

Programma 8 juni 2017.pdf

You can find all 16 posters on the overzichtspagina van de werkgroepen. (page with a survey of all work groups). By clicking on the images you can enlarge them. Every poster has a spoken memorandum that gives extra information about a certain topic. 

After the intermission there was time for an evaluation. A discussion was held with the support of the Mentimeter App. By downloading this app, all attendees could give input via their mobile phone. The results were shown live on a large screen in a bar chart or a ‘word cloud’. Eleven questions asked by those present helped to give form to the discussion about the activities of the LCRDM. The questions also made clear what work group members expected from the future. 

fotootjes van werkgroepleden 2015 2017

At the end of this year, work group members will submit their products. Now is therefore the time to determine what we plan to do in 2018 and the years thereafter. The discussion focused on, among other things, the role of work group members as ambassadors; how we can make the results of the work groups known to target groups (a strong preference for the organization of meetings); who  target groups actually consist of (research support staff exceed researchers); which designs were not addressed in the period 2015-2017 and could still be constructive in the future and what plans there are for the work groups, website, platform and the LCRDM as a whole in 2017. The LCRDM as a network organization that promotes exchange of expertise between institutes scored the highest appreciation rating among work group members. 

The questions and results of the mentimeter can be consulted in the Mentimeter report. Input by work group members will be used as basis for a new strategic plan – or roadmap – for the LCRDM in the period 2018-2020 that will be distributed among work group members via the online platform during the second half of this year. 

Naturally the network meeting was concluded with a celebratory round of drinks. The meeting was enthusiastic and lively and certainly worth repeating.  

To put the whole afternoon in a nutshell, Elco van Staveren made a Denkschets​, a visual impression of the things discussed during the meeting:

tekening met teksten over toekomst LCRDM