The quality of the RDM discussion list depends on the contributions of participants. Below are recommendations and tips to prevent annoyances among fellow participants:

  1. By default, a reply goes to all list participants. So consider carefully, before you answer and send an e-mail, whether this is necessary / useful in your case, or whether you only want to reach the sender.
  2. Before you ask a question, first search the RDM archive with old messages to see if your question was asked before and you might find the answer there.
  3. Answer questions in a decent and businesslike manner. Avoid personal attacks or sarcastic reactions: it can prevent participants from reacting.
  4. In the subject field, briefly state your topic of discussion in at least 2 words, this facilitates the search by subject in the list archive. Avoid ambiguous use of language in the subject field.
  5. Formulate your question / statement clearly, briefly and concisely. When formulating your question / statement, take into account the various levels of knowledge of RDM subscribers. A short introduction - instead of direct jargon use - can be enlightening.
  6. It is appreciated if answers to questions asked and which were not sent to the list but only to the person asking the question are sent by the person asking the question to the list via a brief summary.
  7. Do not send attachments: these can cause irrations due to both size and possible viruses.
  8. In the event of a longer absence (for example vacation), use the pause option with which you can temporarily interrupt the receipt of RDM emails. This will prevent annoying automatic "out-of-office" notifications for the other subscribers.
  9. Do you have questions, comments or complaints about RDM itself? Then send a message to the list manager.
  10. Avoid issues that quickly lead to yes / no discussions, for example: is X better than Y. Rule of thumb: place a maximum of two contributions per topic of discussion. After that you almost always fall into repetitions.
  11. Posting an RDM-related commercial message is permitted, provided it is a one-off and the tone of the message is business-like.
  12. Every topic of conversation is permitted on RDM that has a relationship with data management practice.
  13. For flame wars and for discussions that are not relevant or too long-winded, or for excessive misuse of RDM for personal or commercial purposes (such as spam), the list manager will intervene. This is usually done in a corrective manner, preferably behind the scenes; in rare cases it can happen that a participant is removed from the list.

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The RDM discussion list is not moderated. The list managers are mainly concerned with technical list management.