National Collaboration in RDM - three years of LCRDM


Celebrating Achievements, Shaping Future Directions

Conference organised by the National Coordination Point Research Data Management / Landelijk Coördinatiepunt Research Data Management in cooperation with SURF Academy. Thursday February 8, 2018 Geertekerk, Utrecht.

Henk van den Hoogen, member of the LCRDM work group Engagement and Programme Manager for Research Support & Strategic Coordinator PURE, UM Publications and Repository​at Maastricht University, has a number of observations he wants to share with us.

"On Thursday 8 February, to mark the three year anniversary of the Landelijk Coördinatiepunt Research Data Management (LCRDM), a congress was held in Utrecht. 160 participants of which the majority were data support staff and policy officers, supplemented with a number of scientists and managers, discussed the importance of RDM and collaboration within the broader perspective of Open Science.

Based on their respective disciplines, four scientists including Gerard Swaen, epidemiologist at Maastricht University, explained what good / FAIR RDM means for their domain.

These lectures are mentioned below.

Several observations: 

    • Insufficient priority is given to openly expressing appreciation for researchers who attempt to make data FAIR: periodic interviews between doctoral students and their mentors and annual talks should focus more on data management as a main concern. => the Incentives sub work group of LCRDM is drafting a memorandum that encourages a more explicit inclusion of RDM in the Standaard Evaluatie Protocol (Standard Evaluation Protocol).

    • A plea for standard training in competent data management for new researchers as a logical part of good research practice. Goal: internalize RDM in conduct of researchers.

    • Gerard Swaen made a passionate plea for focus on drafting, maintaining and archiving research protocols when working with data (beginning with data management plans), preferably in integrated form. => faculty data stewards should collaborate with data managers of support units to make this happen. 

    • Integration of 'scientific ethics’ and data management: the ethics committee validation of WMO obligation-free research in particular can be indifferent. In the perception of the TiU, only a small number of research projects discussed in the ethical committee contain a comprehensive data management plan that serves as a basis for an ethically correct interaction with research data. => plea for establishing local platforms where trusted ethical aspects are discussed in combination with how data management is being implemented. Collaboration should be sought with Academic Affairs, UB/ICT services, FG/JZ. This will prevent these aspects being dealt with in isolated fashion. Such a platform serves as a sort of one-stop-shop. Now a researcher won’t have to worry any longer where he/she should broach which subject: certain questions for the CISO/FG, others for the ethical committee and yet others for the data manager."

Henk van den Hoogen, 14-02-2018​

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Welcome Keynote The landscape of RDM and the role of LCRDM by Paul Rullmann - Chair of the Supervisory Board SURF

A Double Interview: The importance of RDM and cooperation in the broader perspective of open science
Karel Luyben - Rector TU Delft (2010-2017) & Wilma van Wezenbeek - Librarian TU Delft / Chair UKB (Dutch Consortium of University Libraries and National Library of the Netherlands) ​

In the Picture  A glimpse of the National Cordination Point Research Data Management. The Kaleidoscope on Cooperation - short film (in selfie style)

Walking-Talking coffee & Marketplace - A lively presentation of the work of LCRDM activities

a.o. The responsible researcher - a Socratic dialogue by Arjan van Hessen and Marlon Domingus (Dutch)

LCRDM 2015-2017: Looking back: an overview with highlights and lessons learned​by Ingeborg Verheul ​- Coordinator LCRDM

The Researchers PerspectiveWish list for RDM support 2018 -2020

Willem Jan Knibbe​- Policy Director Wageningen Data Competence Center WUR
Gerard Swaen- Senior Epidemiologist/Associate Professor Maastricht University
Lex Heerma van Voss  - CEO  Huygens ING Institute for Dutch History KNAW
Fons van de Vijver-​ Professor Cross Cultural Psychology Tilburg University / voorzitter van de wetenschappelijke en ethische commissie van de Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences​

Work Café: Future (LC)RDM giving the national cooperation more body and content

handwritten question card

Collected questions (Dutch)

Panel discussion  lead by Jacquelijn Ringersma (Coordinator Data Management WUR​)

Hilde van Wijngaarden - Librarian VU Amsterdam
Maarten van Bentum - Data Manager TU Twente
Esther Hoorn - Lawyer, Legal Advisor RUG
Ingrid Dillo - Deputy Director DANS

Closing Key Note: RDM and Societal Impact​ by Valerie Frissen CEO at SIDN Fund and Professor of ICT & Social Change Erasmus University Rotterdam

Read the blogs of Dick VestdijkFrans Huigen​, Jasper van Dijck​Henk van den Hoogen​ and Ingeborg Verheul​

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