Thematic meetings

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Tips for researchers

On March 24, 2020, LCRDM and DANS are organizing an afternoon full of tips and tricks for RDM - especially for researchers in psychology and social sciences.



Digital Heritage

In the Digital Heritage Week, a joint networking afternoon took place between Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed and LCRDM: read the retrospect page​.

Ethics / GDPR / RDM

On 4 June 2019 a study day was held at Utrecht University on ethical assessment, GDPR and Research Data Management in the social sciences, organized by the national association of Deans Social Sciences (DSW), NETHICS and the LCRDM. Read the review and presentations.


GDPR: opportunities for research

Over the course of two days, 30 and 31 August 2018, the practical opportunities that the GDPR offers for scientific research were explored, in close cooperation with TU Delft Library and RDNL. Read this retrospect by Marta Teperek.

National Collaboration

The LCRDM conference of 8 February 2018 concluded the first three years of the LCRDM.


FAIR data

On 22 June 2017, the National Coordination Point for Research Data Management (LCRDM) organized a working session on FAIR data together with the UKB working group Research Data (UKBwg RD). The purpose of this session was to generate input for and determine position with regard to ambition 3.2.1 in the National Open Science Plan (NPOS), specifically from the supporters perspective. Read the review and presentations.


RDM Policy

Seminar RDM Policy, 1 December 2016, in cooperation with WUR: Policy makers and Research Support Staff discussed the challenges of RDM policy.

Designing & Shaping Open Science Symposium​, 5 April 2016: "The Symposium focused on developing an action plan for open data and privacy in relation to the Open Science Presidency Conference being held concurrently on 4-5 April in Amsterdam." Read more on LCRDM and Open Science.

Pool of Experts

4 feb 2020 rond de vierkante tafels


Data Competence Centers

This year's first networking event took place 4 February 2020, aimed at all participants of the LCRDM pool of experts. Theme of the day was the concept of 'Data Competence Centers' recently introduced by NWO.



RDM Master Class

This year's autumn meeting for the LCRDM pool of experts was combined with the RDM Master Class from SURF4Research. The meeting took place 29 November 2019, in Amsterdam​: read the retrospect page. ​

Data Stewardship

The spring network meeting for LCRDM's pool of experts took place 11 April 2019, Utrecht: read report & presentations.


Virtual Research Environment

The first network meeting for LCRDM's pool of experts took place 27 September 2018, in  Utrecht.​

National Collaboration

The LCRDM conference of 8 February 2018, "National Collaboration in RDM, Celebrating Achievements, Shaping Future Directions", concluded the first three years of the LCRDM. 


Five themes in RDM

The LCRDM network meeting of 8 June 2017 gathered the members of the different LCRDM working groups. The goal of this afternoon was three-fold: to show what each work group was doing; together evaluate the previous years and of course, to get to know each other and enlarge one's network.


LCRDM - Megafoon homepage

At various national and international congresses, presentations were held on the subject of RDM and the LCRDM-model. To name but a few: DISH 2015, LIBER 2016, LIBER 2017, Research Data Network JISC 2017, Support4Research HBO workshops 2016, Support for Research Seminar 2016; 2107, De Nederlandse Dataprijs 2016 and more.

Data Stewards

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Data Stewards: Tasks, Roles

At the spring meeting of 11 April 2019 for the LCRDM pool of experts, in which data stewards also participate, the report on Data Stewardship from the LCRDM task group of the same name was presented. Read presentations here​, read the report.


Sharing data: u/dystopia?

The third​ Data Steward networking day, "Celebrating data! What next?", 28 November 2018, preceded the afternoon's Dutch Data Awards ceremony.


Data Stewardship: Practices

Previous Data Steward networking days took place on 3 October 2017 and 1 December 2017: networking days for people in new data professions to become acquainted and fine-tune the practical aspects of their work with each other.

DS Interest Group

logo van DTL

In June 2017, the Data Steward Interest Group (IG) was initiated by members of the Leiden UMC, UMC Utrecht and DTL. The distinguishing feature of this IG compared to other initiatives related to Data stewardship is the practical and solution-oriented approach to practical matters.

The approach involves monthly virtual meetings of the task groups, with the IG meeting taking place physically every two months.


Zaal met mensen en tafels op de LCRDM Februari conferentie 2018

The LCRDM conference of 8 February 2018, "National Collaboration in RDM, Celebrating Achievements, Shaping Future Directions", concluded the first three years of the LCRDM.