LCRDM task groups

Privacy risks

Brievenbus met Private aanduiding

Implement and maintain a DPIA per research scenario, so that a scenario can be selected for new research proposals.

Pitch and team

Read the blog post byJasper de Groot.

Data collaboration

afbeelding bij tg beleid

Inventory of trans-institutional research projects (use cases), identification of bottlenecks and incompatible policy and description of implications and solutions.

Pitch and team

"23 Things" adoption

afbeelding bij tg RDA projectvoorstel

A wider adoption of the existing RDA (Research Data Alliance Europe) guide "23 Things - Libraries for Research Data".

Pitch and team

Pseudonymisation √2019

Task groups

tekening van groep in overleg

The task groups are composed by the advisory group for each submitted issue. The team members are drawn from the pool of experts by means of a pitch, and possibly supplemented with experts. The task groups are ideally supervised by a process supervisor or consultant. The motivation of the task group members is: 'I also have to do something with my subject in my own working environment'.

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Data stewardship √2019

"23 Things" Grant √2019

Werkgroepen 2015-2017