Horror: Inaccessible


afbeelding van code op scherm blurred

This anonymous story was captured by the Leiden University Library staff, to help promote good data management during the national Data Horror Week 2019. The details about the researcher, the domain, and the university are irrelevant – what’s important is how this real story can help us learn a few lessons and avoid similar problems!



Did you experience data horrors in your research life? Do you think that researchers could learn from your experience? Would you like to share your story with others?

We would love to help you in turning a creepy story around data into a positive lesson learned. Use this form below to share your story with the Dutch Data Horror Team.

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Pompoen als hoofd van een donkere figuur

Are you ready for it?

Archiving panic? No backups? Bugs in your code? Licence confusion? Who ya gonna call? Just the thought of it!

And yet it happens every day.

During this Data Horror Week, researchers will share these horror stories, based on their own experience. To prevent you from making the same mistake!