Horror: Backup error

Backup error


What happened?

I had all my PhD data on an external hard disk and the most recent backup in another location was a month ago. I got a request from my supervisor and therefore needed to access the data on my external hard disk, which gave an error message when I connected it to my PC and I could not access the files. I was extremely nervous and this happened shortly after I became a Data Steward. After many tries of connecting and disconnecting my external hard disk, finally I managed to access my files and copied all the contents to 2 other external hard disks!

How long ago was it?

1.5 years ago

How was this solved?

By my external hard disk magically working after many tries of connecting and disconnecting and me managing to access my files and copying all the contents to 2 other external hard disks.

How could this horror be avoided?

By having an automatic back-up strategy with a storage medium that is more reliable than external disks.

What lesson can we learn from this story?

Manual back-up is error-prone and it is better to have an automatic back-up strategy, and external hard-disks do malfunction!

Also this is a situation that can happen to any PhD candidate, especially considering that most need to write their thesis after their contract has ended using their own devices such as personal PCs and external hard disks. Universities should take a responsibility here by offering an automatically backed-up network or cloud solution offered to PhD candidates even if their contracts are finished. I do not have such solutions offered to me by the university where I did my PhD study and therefore have to store my data on my own devices which are error-prone. Additionally, I never received any proper data management advice during my PhD and according to my knowledge there was no policy regarding research data management.


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