Data Horror Week

Pompoen als hoofd van een donkere figuur

The approaching of All Hallows Eve,
will leave many in disbelief.
(digital) Ghosts and goblins will play tricks,
that not even treats can easily fix.
Data management was not your concern,
and this was a hard lesson to learn.
All your precious data collected,
could not be saved or protected.
So don’t be a fool, and use data managers
as a tool,
to prevent new tales of sorrow and grief,
on the approaching All Hallows Eve.

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No escape (from software)


Did you experience data horrors in your research life? Do you think that researchers could learn from your experience? Would you like to share your story with others?

We would love to help you in turning a creepy story around data into a positive lesson learned. Use this form below to share your story with the Dutch Data Horror Team.

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This data horror week has been made possible by the RDM Support desks at Utrecht University, TU Delft, Leiden University and Twente University.

Would you like to contact the RDM support desk at your university?
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