Guidelines: Privacy

Reference card: Anonymization

afbeelding van beide zijden van reference card Anonimiseren

Handy reference card (for download and print) providing a number of points to consider when dealing with personal data.


Matrix (brochure: checks per risk)

Reference card: Pseudonymization

Kop van flyer met Pseudonimiseringsbasisstappen Engels

Oblong reference card (for download and print) providing 9 basic steps for pseudonymization at small-scale research.


Report (survey, recommendations)

Reference card: "How?"

afbeelding Hoe om te gaan met Privacy flyer

Oblong reference card (for download and print) on how to deal with privacy.



Reference card: "What?"

afbeelding Wat is Privacy flyer

Oblong reference card (for download and print) about what privacy means.



Reference card: "Why?"

afbeelding Waarom Privacy flyer

Oblong reference card (for download and print) on why care for privacy is required.



Training course

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This online training course 'Privacy in research' stimulates awareness of the GDPR among researchers. The mini course is produced by working group member Marlon Domingus in cooperation with SURF.

Online course

Slides to be used in a face to face follow-up session:


Informed Consent

fragment van informed consent form 2019

For research with privacy-sensitive data, it is important that an 'informed consent' form is completed in advance. Via the LCRDM some customizable models are shared:


Poster: Flowchart

afbeelding van kop van flowchart zorgdossiers

Flowchart on reuse of data from medical dossiers for the purpose of scientific research.

Flowchart with explanation

Flyer: Responsible use of personal data

afbeelding GDPR coalition 123456

Guideline issued by the "GDPR Awareness Coalition" on 'responsible use of personal data before, during and after research'.


Flyer: Privacy Impact

afbeelding pia metrokaart klein

Metro map styled flyer (for download and print) representing a privacy impact assessment.


Slides Details per 'station'

GDPR Maturity Model

afbeelding van kop Maturity model

To what extent does an institution comply with the General Personal Data Regulation? The GDPR Maturity Model provides insight into which phase the organization is in.


Read the accompanying LCRDM blog by Marlon Domingus, Data Protection Officer of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

From WBV to GDPR

afbeelding van kop wbp avg flyer

Similarities and differences between the former (Dutch) law (WBP) and the new regulation (GDPR). This flyer has been prepared by Marlon Domingus.

Flyer (English translation)

Your contribution

Share your own tools and guidelines at the LCRDM wiki platform or relate your experiences.

Take notice of our occasional pitches for task groups; your contribution - within the scope of your own job - will be much appreciated. Please, join our pool of experts.

Essentials training


The Ministry of Security and Justice opened up a website on which responses to the Implementation Act for the GDPR could be given. At the invitation of the VSNU, the legal working group of the LCRDM (2016-2017) and the academic National Lawyers Consultation have submitted a response.

The working group also provided feedback on the Archiving Guideline for the Social Sciences discipline consultation as well as feedback on the concept of the VSNU Code of Conduct for Scientific Integrity that has since been published.​​

After the introduction of the earlier Personal Data Protection Act, the VSNU has drawn up a code of conduct for scientific research with personal data. Following the GDPR, this Code of Conduct is being revised by some members of the LCRDM working group on Legal Aspects (2015-2017). The first public version will be released in 2019.