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RDA project proposal

afbeelding persoon die wereldbol vasthoudt

The international Research Data Alliance (RDA) issued a call for organisations willing to promote adoption of existing RDA recommendations & outputs.

On the basis of the list of available recommendations the LCRDM Task Group "RDA Project Proposal" proposed to disseminate a non-technical recommendation: 23 Things - Libraries for Research Data​.​

Adoption grant.pdf
Work plan.pdf (update with implementation plan)
Gannt chart.pdf (update with implementation plan)
Advisory Board Recommendation Letter.pdf

Beginning of May 2019 the proposal was accepted. The task group has been expanded with additional expertise. The project proposal has been reworked into an implementation plan.

Implementation Plan

As a first intermediate deliverable the task group produced an update of "23 Things" for the Dutch community.

23 Things Updated version 

Feedback gevraagd!

fragment RDA 23 Things updated versie

Als eerste intermediate deliverable heeft de taakgroep een update van de "23 Things" voor de Nederlandse community verzorgd. Uw opmerkingen zijn welkom! Schrijf ze hier: (NB gebruik 'Suggesties' uit het Edit-menu en/of 'Opmerkingen' uit het Invoegen-menu). Graag vóór 27-10.

23 Things Updated version 

Lees de tweede blog in de serie over het LCRDM RDA 23 Things project - over de serie sprints die de input opleverde voor de hierboven uitgebrachte versie. Een nieuwe ronde sprints staat gepland.

A thing for 'Things'

Open Boogie

Afbeelding van bladmuziek en pianotoetsen

Music sheets

Spring 2016 the internationally well-known​ jazz musician Michiel Borstlap composed his Open Boogie. Leitmotiv for open science. The composition was made on the occasion of the conference Desiging & Shaping Open Science, organised by LCRDM, RUG and Erasmus, in the slip stream of the Dutch EU presidency. One of the main points of attention of the presidency was 'open science'.  The conference ended with the Amsterdam Call for Action which led eventually to the National Plan Open Science. (The video registration of the Designing & Shaping Open Science conference can be viewed in six parts.) ​

By way of 'open' the music sheets of Borstlap's "Open Boogie" are freely available.

Your contribution

Share your own tools and guidelines at the LCRDM wiki platform or relate your experiences.

Take notice of our occasional pitches for task groups; your contribution - within the scope of your own job - will be much appreciated. Please, join our pool of experts.

Practical guidelines


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The Research Data Alliance is a worldwide network with 7000+ members in which researchers and data professionals meet to work on a voluntary basis in working groups on removing (often technical) barriers to data sharing.

A national working group, RDA-NL, started in 2018. The working group maintains contacts with research communities, organizes activities and distributes RDA outputs. The LCRDM is a member of this working group.


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