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Recognition for responsible handling of data or recognition of data as product could be important incentives for researchers.

Advice: Evaluation

Fragment van begin van bijdrage aan SEP


Up till now researchers have gained respect through the number of articles they have published in certain recognized trade journals.

But wouldn't it be better if data sets and a general approach to research data (qualitative RDM) contributed to the value of research and appreciation for the researcher? The (Dutch) SEP or Standard Evaluation Protocol is an instrument that can help realize this.

In close collaboration with stakeholders a LCRDM working group wrote a memorandum on evaluation of research data management which served as input for a SEP review working group of VSNU, KNAW and NWO.

More background information to be found at the LCRDM wiki ...

Mind the news flash from April 2019: NWO news ...

Room for everyone's talent

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After the LCRDM working group advice (as one of several stakeholders) it did not remain silent: on 13 November 2019 a position paper from VSNU and other organizations was published about a new evaluation of the researcher and about a new evaluation protocol.

ScienceGuide: "A year ago, the VSNU, NFU, NWO and ZonMw announced that they would work on new ways of recognizing and appreciating. Today, with KNAW also joining, they are presenting Room for everyone's talent (also in Dutch).

The position paper is the result of a year full of conversations and dozens of evenings on location with administrators and researchers. (...)

What is clear from the document is that postponement has not led to cancellation or slackening. The parties come with a sharp analysis and announce a total of twelve measures. These should be implemented at different levels in the coming years: from a new functional mix to a new evaluation protocol for research units."

Room for everyone's talent
(also in Dutch)

Shades of Open

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Oblong reference card (for download and print) on the various forms of 'openness' concerning data, all acceptable under the A in FAIR.


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