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This infographic accompanies the report of the LCRDM Task Group Data Stewardship.

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WDS Data Stewardship Award 2019

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De Call for Nominations voor de WDS Data Stewardship Award 2019 is nu open tot 29 juli 2019.

Deze jaarlijkse prijs viert de uitzonderlijke bijdragen van jonge onderzoekers aan de verbetering van RDM door hun (1) betrokkenheid bij de gemeenschap, (2) academische prestaties, en (3) innovaties.


Data Stewardship, Roles, Tasks

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The LCRDM Task Group Data Stewardship has written a report that provides insight in what Dutch institutes currently demand of data stewards and also what has been currently asked for, implemented and developed by and for them. This offers the basis for a clearer job description for data stewardship roles.

The report presents findings and attempts a translation into practice.

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Practical guidelines

Data Stewards Interest Group

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In June 2017, the Data Steward Interest Group (IG) was initiated by members of the Leiden UMC, UMC Utrecht and DTL. The distinguishing feature of this IG compared to other initiatives related to Data stewardship is the practical and solution-oriented approach to practical matters.

The approach involves monthly virtual meetings of the task groups, with the IG meeting taking place physically every two months.

Data stewards IG