Guidelines: Data management

Report: Data Curation

afbeelding van beschrijving van 7 stappen bij datacuratie

This report presents an overview of the current practice of data curation in the Netherlands:


The report includes results of a survey and recommendations for next steps. A basic reading guide on the subject of data curation can be found in the appendices.

Report and underlying data are available in Dutch and in English via Zenodo: DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3466631. Printed copies of the report can be obtained from the LCRDM office.


We appeal to you to fill in the task group's version of the American CURATE(D) matrix, in order to make the daily practice of data curation in the Netherlands transparent:

CURATE(D) matrix (open) 

In the (shared) document please add your information in a new column.

Reference card: 10 tips for writing a DMP

afbeelding met handreikingen en grijs

Oblong reference card (for download and print) gives 10 things to think about when writing a data management plan.



Reference card: 10 topics for a good DMP template

afbeeldingen van flyers met bovenste grijs

Oblong reference card (for download and print) gives 10 things that need to be addressed in an effective data management plan.



Poster: DMP requirements from funders

afbeelding kop van DMP requirements poster

A poster for download and print, also in large format.


Advice: Online DMP tools

image of report cover

The report discusses a number of online resources for creating a data management plan and provides some advice.


Shades of Open

fragment van flyer over shades of open

Oblong reference card (for download and print) on the various forms of 'openness' concerning data, all acceptable under the A in FAIR.


Poster: Kickstart RDM

afbeelding van kickstart posterfragment

The Hanze University of Applied Sciences produced a poster (for download and print) for everyone to use as an accompaniment to an introduction of RDM. 


Adapt (.ppt)

Advice: Criteria for a DMP template

image of report cover

The reference card "DMP Topics" is based on this report.

Advice (in Dutch)

Advice: DMP reviewer experiences

Report of survey

The reference card "Tips for writing a DMP" is based on this report.


Poster: What a researcher needs

afbeelding van fragement van HBO Vragenwijzer

Ask the right questions in every phase of research. The question guide can be used as a flyer or as a double poster.

Question guide (in Dutch)

Flyer: FAIR checklist

fragment van FAIR checklist

A leaflet for download and print.


Read about FAIR at the LCRDM wiki.

FAIR: One should be able to find data via catalogues or search engines (Findable), access restrictions and licences must be specified (Accesible), data should preferably be found automatically and embedded in other data (Interoperable), origins of data must be clear and standards must be used in the data display and in its metadata (Reusable).

FAIR tools (demo)

Your contribution

Share your own tools and guidelines at the LCRDM wiki platform or relate your experiences.

Take notice of our occasional pitches for task groups; your contribution - within the scope of your own job - will be much appreciated. Please, join our pool of experts.

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