Advisory group


The various RDM stakeholders are represented in the LCRDM advisory group.

The advisory group acts as a quartermaster for national cooperation in the field of RDM.



The National Coordination Point Research Data Management facilitates a national strategy for research data management in the Netherlands. Close cooperation with education and research institutions is crucial in this regard.

The LCRDM forms the link between policy and solution.

New: Positioning paper

To paper

The LCRDM advisory group published the "Positioning Paper 2019 and beyond". This describes - on the basis of thematic prioritization and three broader (policy-based) working areas - what does and does not fall within the scope of the LCRDM.

Manner of working

LCRDM - taakgroep adviesgroep

The advisory group draws up a plan with a prioritized approach for national cooperation of RDM - on the basis of which a roadmap for 2019-2022 will be drawn up. In addition, the advisory group will initiate, guide and evaluate the new way of working, naturally in close consultation with the coordinating agency.

The advisory group also determines the priority for the pitches that are deployed at the pool of experts, on the basis of which a number of task groups can start working according to the new working model of the LCRDM and also monitors coordination between the various task groups.

Finally, the advisory group will formulate an advice for the establishment of a steering group / strategy group for the LCRDM from 2019 (Q2).



Source of inspiration for the new manner of working has been the Knowledge Exchange-partnership.