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The National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) is a national network of experts in the field of research data management (RDM).

The LCRDM forms the link between policy and solution. Close consultation between educational and research institutions is crucial for this. Within LCRDM, experts work together to put RDM subjects on the agenda that are too big for one institute to tackle and need a national plan of action.

LCRDM brings together research support services, policy makers, ICT specialists, managers of diverse research institutes and research funding organizations. The LCRDM coordinates and facilitates the collaboration between the various RDM stakeholders.

The goal of the LCRDM is to make RDM a self-evident part of education and research practice in the Netherlands.


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Are you an RDM expert and do you want to contribute to national cooperation?

Register for the pool of experts with LCRDM coordinator Margriet Miedema margriet.miedema@surfsara.nl.

Read more about the pool of experts.

Do you have RDM questions that could benefit from a national approach?

Mail this to the LCRDM. The advisory group then sets a pitch in the network to form a temporary task group that works out the subject in a short time.

The results are published on this website. The guidelines and advice can be used by everyone in their own organization.

The LCDRM also organizes national (network) meetings on various RDM themes.

Advisory group

foto van adviesgroep in december 2019 afscheid van Ingeborg Verheul

The LCRDM has an advisory group. The main task is to direct the national cooperation in research data management by prioritizing points of attention in consultation with the network.

Meet the Advisory group members.

The Knowledge Exchange partnership has been a source of inspiration for the new working method.

Initiative and implementation

The federation of universities (VSNU) expressed the need for a compact and action-oriented coordination point Research Data Management to SURF. SURF has taken on a coordinating role in the process of helping RDM take steps towards achieving its goal as part of the SURF-innovation programme Open Science.

For further elaboration of solutions, LCRDM has sought to connect with other RDM groups in the Netherlands, like the UKB Work Group Research Data (for support), the SURF expertise centres, DTL and Go FAIR (for services) and the NPOS (for policy implementation).

Open Science

Read more about 'open science' & LCRDM.

RDM mailing list

The RDM mailing list is important in our communication.