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The most recent task group report presents an overview of the current practice of data curation in the Netherlands, the results of a survey and recommendations for next steps. A basic reading guide on the subject of data curation can be found in the appendices.

News item (pdf)

Report(in English; also via Guidelines)

What is data curation

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By data curation the taks group meant the activity of managing the use of data from its point of creation to ensure it is available for discovery and reuse in the future. 

Examples of data curation range from adding, verifying and improving metadata to checking if files open as expected and recording who did what with the dataset in a repository. Researchers, research support staff and repository staff carry out this kind of activity, in different phases of the research data life cycle. In the task group Dutch Data Curation Network , however, the participants specifically:

a) focused on the needs and practice of research support and repository staff and
b) started at the moment when the dataset is being prepared for publication and “something should be done with the data”.


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A report and an adapted version from the American CURATE(D) matrix were used in the preparation of this report. Thanks to the participants in the survey and to the people who completed the CURATE(D) matrix.

Download the matrix as used at the time of writing of the report:

CURATE(D) matrix
   (with 10 institutes)

We appeal to you to fill in the task group's version of the American CURATE(D) matrix, in order to make the daily practice of data curation in the Netherlands transparent:

CURATE(D) matrix (open) 

In the (shared) document please add your information in a new column.

Task group

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Inge Slouwerhof (Radboud Universiteit), Mijke Jetten (Radboud Universiteit), Christina Elsenga (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Nynke de Groot (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam), Marjan Grootveld (DANS), Lena Karvovskaya (Universiteit Utrecht), Marcel Ras (Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed), Madeleine de Smaele (TUDelft), Richard Visscher (Hogeschool Inholland), Boudewijn van den Berg (LCRDM), Ingeborg Verheul (LCRDM)

With thanks to

Cynthia Hudson-Vitale (Pennsylvania State University, Data Curation Network), Lisa Johnston (University of Minnesota Libraries, Data Curation Network), Alastair Dunning (TU Delft, Liaison LCRDM adviesgroep)

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