LCRDM celebrates its 5th anniversary!


Join us at the LCRDM-network LUSTRUM edition (Tuesday 18 May, 13 - 16 hr)

We have reached an important milestone: this spring LCRDM celebrates its fifth birthday! We would like to invite you to the special online LUSTRUM edition of our network-meeting.

The program includes:

  • Joep van Wijk Dutch Research Council (NWO) | Domain Science on Thematic DCCs
  • Silvia Kempers (Projectmanager DCC praktijkgericht onderzoek) needs your input on questions from researchers
  • Jessica Hrudey (Research Data officer, VU) on domain-specific DMPs
  • Erik van den Bergh Coordinator infrastructure WDCC, WU) on linking datasets
  • The DCC spring trainings
  • A carrousel with results from LCRDM taskgroups
  • Lou Woodley, Director at Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement (CSCCE), on Community Building and Engagement

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Hope to see you all at our online LCRDM Lustrum. The detailed program will be published here shortly.

'Open Science' and LCRDM


LCRDM - taakgroep adviesgroep

Do you have RDM questions that could benefit from a national approach? You
will find our working method on the Task groups page.

RDM advice and tips

RDM in the Netherlands


Pitch Medical Device Regulation and RDM support

Pitch Medical Device Regulation and RDM support

Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc has submitted a pitch for a new LCRDM task group. The goal of this task group is to:

  1. map out whether and how Universities and UMCs are preparing for the new MDR legislation
  2. determine what support general RDM support (for example, the central data steward) should be able to offer
  3. determine what other support within the (own) organisation should be available (in the area of technological and related monitoring or legal requirements).

23 Things: Audience specific

New versions by LCRDM:
Audience specific 

Pool of Experts

Coordination point

The National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) is a national network of research data management (RDM) experts. The LCRDM connects policy and daily practice.

Within the LCRDM, experts work together to put RDM topics on the agenda that require a joint national approach. 

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