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LCRDM/RDA Holiday tip

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Do you want to get into a holiday mood? Or would you rather stay in the holiday mood when you return to your workplace? We have a secret holiday tip for you in the latest LCRDM blog entry:

Holiday tip

Food for psychologists

Afbeelding van gesneden en uitgespreide groentes

On November 19, DANS and LCRDM organize "Food for psychologists", an event especially for researchers in psychology, with tools, tips and tricks in the field of Research Data Management and data sharing. Read more ...

Data stewardship

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"It’s incredibly helpful – brilliant summary of the state of the art of data stewardship in the Netherlands."

Data Stewardship

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Practical guidelines

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Find practical (LC)RDM guidelines.

Practical guidelines

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Here you can highlight your RDM activities.


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Pool of experts

Task groups come and go in a regular pace, here is an overview:

Task groups

If you have an idea in need of a task group, please use our pitch format:


Open Science

Coordination point

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How do we cope with the explosion of data in research and education in the Netherlands? How can we store everything securely so that it remains accessible for reuse, also in the long run? How do we assure scientific integrity?

The National Coordination Point Research Data Management facilitates a national approach to research data management.

Click here for the February Update.

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