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Two new pitches

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New pitches

Food for psychologists - registration open

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On March 24, 2020, LCRDM and DANS are organizing an afternoon full of tips and tricks for RDM - especially for researchers in psychology and social sciences.

The program is ready and the registration is open.

Please register if you want to be there!



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Pool of experts

Task groups come and go in a regular pace, here is an overview:

Task groups

If you have an idea in need of a task group, please use our pitch format:


New practical guideline: Anonymization

To provide data stewards and research assistants with a tool to help researchers take the right measures for safe use and protection of data about people in scientific research, the LCRDM Anonymization Task Force has drawn up a generic matrix.

News (including all collaborators)


Matrix (brochure: checks per risico)

New guideline: Pseudonymization

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The most recent task group report presents an overview of the current practice of pseudonymisation in small-scale research in the Netherlands, the results of a small survey and recommendations for next steps. A flyer with 9 basic steps can help with a support interview.

News item (report and flyer)

Practical guidelines

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Find practical (LC)RDM guidelines.

Practical guidelines

Share your guidelines at LCRDM wiki.

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RDM per institute

Here you can highlight your RDM activities.

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Glossary (wiki)

Science meets Heritage: retrospect

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Tuesday 26 November, during "Digital Heritage Week", a joint network meeting took place between NDE and LCRDM, an afternoon where heritage and research could meet. Follow the link below to the retrospect page with presentations.

Science meets Heritage

Coordination point

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Change of Guard

The National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) is a national network of experts on research data management (RDM) in the Netherlands. The LCRDM connects policy and daily practice. Within the LCRDM, experts work together to put RDM topics on the agenda that require a joint national approach. 

Click here for the positioning paper of the LCRDM (for 2019 and following years).

Click here for the periodic LCRDM updates.

Read more about the LCRDM.

SURF and LCRDM: master class & networking day

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Retrospect(slides & photos)

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