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Two new pitches

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New pitches

The two pitches are about digitizing informed consent and conceptualizing a 'FAIR enabling' organization.


LCRDM - taakgroep adviesgroep

If you as RDM expert see the importance of contributing to a national collaborative project, join the pool of experts. Get in touch with LCRDM coordinator Margriet Miedema at

If you have questions or proposals with regard to RDM that require a national approach, please mail them to LCRDM. We will hold a pitch among our network with the aim of forming a small task group that can quickly work out the issue in question. 

The results will be published on this website. The guidelines and advice are brought into their organizations by the members of the pool of experts and advisory group - and hopefully by every interested party.

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Here you can highlight your RDM activities.

Networking 4 Feb: DCC

Coordination point

iemand leest LCRDM Datasteward-rapport

The National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) is a national network of research data management (RDM) experts. The LCRDM connects policy and daily practice. Within the LCRDM, experts work together to put RDM topics on the agenda that require a joint national approach. 

Positioning Paper 2019

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