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DCC Spring Training Days

DCC spring training days 2022

Last year a combined training was organized by the name of 2021 DCC Spring Training Days. Quite a group of people from different institutions contributed to this pilot, and this year even more joined. Most sessions are targeted at research support professionals (a.o. data stewards) and some also for researchers. It is at starter level. For each session we can accept 30 participants. The Training Days are will be held mostly online, and always in English, but two sessions (15th and 16th of June) are in person in Utrecht.  Participation is free of charge.(Registration)

Session 1 WAITINGLIST (June 2, 09.30-13.00) ONLINE - Engagement: connecting researchers and data stewards (Reviewing) data management plans (Esther Plomp, TU Delft) Escape room experience Elisa Rodenburg, VU Amsterdam) Community building (Lena Karvovskaya VU Amsterdam)

Session 2 (June 9, 09:30-12:30)  ONLINE - The role of good RDM in accelerating scientific progress  (Kristina Hettne, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Leiden University Library); Joanne Yeomans, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Leiden University Library. Methods, tools and concepts such as the Reprohack, data repositories, and Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) (meta)data and how they accelerate scientific progress.

Session 3 (June 15, 13.30- 17.30 (morning session fully booked)  (WEDNESDAY) IN PERSON (Utrecht)- Anonymising and pseudonymising  by Hanne Vlietinck (Technical Data Steward with background in IT, Hasselt University, Belgium); Afshin Amighi (Lecturer and researcher in Rotterdam University of Applied Science).Basic techniques and tools for protecting your (personal) sensitive data. The protection model(K-anonymity, L-diversity, T-closeness) will be handled. Different levels of access control and best practices on passwords. For Researcher support staff and researchers )

Session 4 (June 16, 09:30-13:00  (THURSDAY) IN PERSON  (UtrechtPractical Pedagogical Techniques for hands-on workshops by Ben Companjen, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Leiden University Library; Hanne Vlietinck, Data Steward, Research Data Management at UHasselt; Jolien Berckmans, Data Steward, Research Data Management at UHasselt; Jolien Scholten, Specialist Research Data Management, Vrije Universiteit; Kristina Hettne, Digital Scholarship LIbrarian, Leiden University Library; Lieke de Boer, Community Manager, the Netherlands eScience Center; Mateusz Kuzak, Training Programme Lead, the Netherlands eScience Center. The session is dedicated to those teaching hands-on interactive workshops. Pedagogical techniques that can help you improve your training sessions.

Session 5 WAITING LIST (June 23, 13.00-17:00) ONLINE  Organizing your data and software with a reproducible workflow by Renate Mattiszik, Saxion University of Applied Sciences; Stephanie van de Sandt and Meron Vermaas,VU Amsterdam. Best practices on how to organize a research project throughout its life cycle using familiar tools as much as possible. Your first experiences with creating project changelogs, versioned project releases, and publishing research on research data repositories like Zenodo. 

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