Datasteward-netwerkdag: 3-10-2017

"Working on Data Stewardship? Meet your Peers!" 

Brief report by Ingeborg Verheul

On Tuesday the 3rd of October, the LCRDM Working Group Engagement and the UKB Working Group Research Data organised a meeting on data stewardship. Around 40 participant joined and enjoyed during the day being part of an informal network of peers. The meeting was held at SURF in Utrecht.
The programme committee was formed by Rob Gommans (Radboud University), Jacquelijn Ringersma (Wageningen University & Research), both LCRDM Working Group, Mariëtte van Selm (University of Amsterdam/Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), Madeleine De Smaele (Delft University), both UKB Working Group, and Ingeborg Verheul (LCRDM).  Tessa Pronk, chair of the UKB Working Group chaired the meeting.

Some background

Many research institutions are currently setting up data stewardship programmes. But the approach and the focus vary. By bringing people together, it's possible to share best practices and to learn and benefit from each other. Delft University for instance has appointed three data stewards at faculty level. And a data stewardship coordinator takes care of institution wide RDM/data stewardship coordination. The stewards are appointed in the framework of a project. And the focus is strongly on data governance and advice.

Radboud University recently appointed its first data manager, at one of the faculties, for three days a week. The work pressure is high, and days are, up till now, mainly spend on engagement activities at operational level, as basic as: don't use USB sticks to store your data, or: don't write your password on a sticky note. A need for engagement at tactical level is emerging.

At Utrecht University large scale data intensive research is growing. This causes logistic growth. Several data stewards are appointed, and also the library provides much data support. The UU organises institution wide RDM meetings, to exchange information.  Also at European level, there is a growing awareness of the need of data stewardship, to be able to meet the ambitions of open science.


The meeting Meet your Peers! of last Tuesday, was focussing on providing a network for the people working in the new data professions. Questions were tackled like: how is RDM implemented in your organisation? How is the role of data steward embedded? How do you reach the researchers in your institution, and how do you create engagement for data management? And do you already have tools or good practices in place that you can share with your peers? How to deal with personal data? Do you prefer to use carrots or sticks?

In the programme below you will find the link to the presentations.

Follow up

The day turned out to be a success. The main conclusion of presenters, organisers and - not in the last place - the audience, was that there is a need for structural exchange of information between data stewards. Therefore, LCRDM and UKB will organise a next meeting on the 1st of December, with a slightly adapted programme. And a large meet-up will be scheduled for March next year. News on the programme and location of the 1st December meeting will follow soon on the platform of the LCRDM. If you are interested to receive more information, just send an email to

10.00 uur Coffee and tea
10.15 uur Plenary discussion/presentations
Mentimeter Outcomes.pdf

Data manager, steward, officer, controller, ...? Who are you and what do you do? 

Rob Gommans, (Radboud University & member LCRDM WG Engagement)

Presentatie Datasteward LCRDM 2017_definitief.pdf

Monitoring versus support: What's the difference? Dividing RDM tasks between institutional data stewards and a central support desk (University Library)

Maaike Messelink and Mijke Jetten (Radboud University)

11.15 uur Break-out sessions 1

Data Steward network meeting v20171003 AnMor bijgewerkt tbv discussie.pdf


At the end of the day, we together defined more clearly what the role and skills of a data steward must be. After the presentation about the way MEMIC, center for data and information management(UM), gives supports to research, we will focus on the role of a data steward. The data steward is the linking pin during a research process. He has to cooperate with other support professionals and knows exactly what FAIR data means.   

From data to wisdom. Work of a Data Steward  

Annemie Mordant (MEMIC/Maastricht University & chair LCRDM WG Research Support)



At the end of the day, you will have a clearer picture of the nature and intent of the FAIR principles, based on the practices of Maastricht University. Insight will be given on the work Michel and his colleagues are doing on building interoperability platforms and on the development of metrics to  assess the FAIRness of digital resources. 

Developing and assessing FAIR digital resources  

Michel Dumontier (IDS/Maastricht University)

12.00 uur Lunch and networking opportunity

13.15 uur

Code and GDPR MD 20171002 (1).pdf


Plenary presentation: Code of conduct in revision (and the GDPR)

Marlon Domingus, Erasmus University and chair LCRDM working group Legal Aspects RDM)

13.45 uur Break-out sessions 2



At the end of the day, you will have received and created food for thought and practical tips to motivate and/or convince researchers of the added values of RDM: with positive messages but also with 'enforcements'. All in an interactive way.

Cultivating sharing, curating, and preserving data

Jacquelijn Ringersma (Wageningen University & Research Library  & chair LCRDM WG Engagement) and Henk van den Hoogen (Maastricht University & member LCRDM WG Engagement)

Research Data Management in the Cloud.pdf


At the end of the day, you will have participated in a lively discussion on RDM practices in research projects in which collaboration and data sharing takes place with external (international) researchers. You'll discuss procedures that are needed to ensure that research data are securely stored, and/or to prevent the loss or unauthorized access of research data. The discussion will address current practices, tools, and challenges that researchers face while collaborating and sharing research data with others with regard to project management, data protection, and the confidentiality of research data.  

Research Data Management in the Cloud: Current Practices, Tools, and Challenges

Rob Gommans (Radboud University & member LCRDM WG Engagement) and Mariëtte van Selm (University of Amsterdam/Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, member LCRDM WG Research Support & member UKB WG Research Data)

14.45 uur Coffee break, including feedback of break-out sessions

15.15 uur



Plenary Presentation: How to motivate engagement

(Marta Teperek & Alastair Dunning, TU Delft)

16.00 uur


16.15 uur Drinks and networking opportunity