23 Things Revisited: Field Guides to Research data Management

The 23 Things Tool

The updated and domain specific information gathered during the project, was captured in the “conventional” 23 Things format for the different audiences. To keep this information up to date in a more easy way, and to allow for interactive searches over the different versions, a simple database was created containing all the RDM resources identified during the project. The information in the database is available through an online tool: https://23things.sites.uu.nl

The tool is a work in progress, but his is how we anticipate the information from the project can be used in an interactive, dynamic format for teaching, training, and learning path development. 

Project background

Early 2019 RDA Europe launched a call for proposals to stimulate the adoption of existing RDA recommendations & outputs. The non-technical “23 Things - Libraries for Research Data” was chosen as the ultimate subject to elaborate on by a group of Dutch organisations working in the field of research data management. In May 2019  the proposal was rewarded and soon thereafter turned into an Implementation Plan. The National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) acted as the main coordinating body for the proposal as well as the Implementation Plan.

The 4 Phases of the project

  • Phase 1. Creating a nationwide commitment.
    Several target audiences identified, approached and involved.
  • Phase 2. Adjusting the 23 Things content.
    Actualisation of the 23Things, adjustments for specific communities.
  • Phase 3. Getting the 23 Things adopted.
    Testing and embedding our new 23 Things in academic curricula and RDM training modules across the Netherlands.
  • Phase 4. Dissemination of the final new versions of the 23 Things.
    Spreading the word at the national and international level.


If you want to learn more about the project, the history, implementation and our plans for the future, please see the RDA page for the RDA Global Adoption Week (15-19 June 2020), where you can find information on our webinar that kicked-off our dissemination programme.

23 Things revisited 4 Training

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic we had to revise our training plans and move from face to face training examples to online material and exercises. Here you can find material to be used in your own RDM training activities.


The results and outcomes of the different phases of the project were published online and are available for use and/or discussion. Items most useful to the wider RDM community are: